Kyo gastronomy KOZO (キョウ ガストロノミー コウゾウ)
Kyo gastronomy KOZO (キョウ ガストロノミー コウゾウ)

Access: 8 minutes on foot from Karasumacho Subway Station on the Karasuma Subway / 2 minutes on foot from the Kyoto City bus "front of the court" 510 m from Maruta-cho station (Kyoto municipal government)

Course details

【Dinner】 KOZO Omakase Kuroge Wagyu Beef course 8000 yen (tax excluded)

【Dinner】 KOZO Omakase Kuroge Wagyu Beef course 8000 yen (tax excluded)

8000 yen

one person

  • 11items
  • 1-13persons
Reservation deadline
Until 10 o'clock on the desired shopping day
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

※ [12/22 ~ 25 is only available for fillet course for dinner, lunch for Kuroge Wagyu beef, fillet course.】 【Our popularity】 Monthly KOZO We deliver recommended meat dish.Fish dishes, desserts etc for the finest meat dishes! "Moss terrarium" which is also fun to see! Original course dish which fused French and molecular gastronomy based on Japanese food.Please also order exquisite Japanese sake pairing according to course meal.

Course menu

<Course in December>


Moss terrarium

~ First dance in the village of Miyama ~

Foie gras cream and truffle fragrance

Porcini mushrooms mashed potatoes


Cauliflower's white pottage

Crispy scatter pancetta and arukkara

Together with Smoked Kaoru of Hickory


Red crimson crabs scallop caviar jellyfish

Espuma of smoked salmon

With the color of Perrya radish gold and chrysanthemum

【A piece of vegetables】

Horikawa 牛 蒡 and Pate de Campagne of foie gras

Romanesco and ginger sauce

【One piece of fish】

Poiré of the sea bream and Fumedo Poisson

Putting a light risotto of quinoa and ancient rice


Miyama milk frozen with liquid nitrogen Snow vanilla

Cube of apples and cucumber

【Main dish】

The finest olive cow's lamp steak

Bushdo Noel style

Glass of ginseng

Holy night's starry sky and rose


Roasted chicken cooked rice dish

Komatsuna soup with soup and homemade milk kelp


Homemade Gateaux Chocolat and Gold Schwarfile

Berry sauce and dried strawberry powder

【Baked Goods】

Strawberry ice macaron

【After dinner】 Ichimodo's top finest tea coffee tea

【6 sake pairings 6 kinds】

S 2700 yen, M 3250 yen, L 4000 yen

※ Celebrate cake plate available for + 500 yen per person.

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